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Line 22: Line 22:
 <code lisp> <code lisp>
-(defparameter spy-location (make-designator ​'location `((:to :see) (:object ,​prime-minister))))+(defparameter spy-location (make-designator ​:location `((:to :see) (:object ,​prime-minister))))
 </​code>​ </​code>​
Line 80: Line 80:
 <code lisp> <code lisp>
-TUT> (defparameter my-desig (make-designator ​'action '​((:​type :shape) (:shape :triangle) (:radius 3))))+TUT> (defparameter my-desig (make-designator ​:action '​((:​type :shape) (:shape :triangle) (:radius 3))))
 TUT> (desig-prop-value my-desig :radius) TUT> (desig-prop-value my-desig :radius)
Line 188: Line 188:
 <code lisp> <code lisp>
-TUT> (defparameter my-desig-2 (make-designator ​'action '​((:​type :shape) (:shape :triangle) (:radius 5))))+TUT> (defparameter my-desig-2 (make-designator ​:action '​((:​type :shape) (:shape :triangle) (:radius 5))))
 TUT> (reference my-desig-2) TUT> (reference my-desig-2)