CRAM v0.4 is out

The development of CRAM continues and we have a new version out!

The biggest changes in CRAM v0.4.0 is comparison to v0.3.0 is the restructuring: all main CRAM repositories got merged into one big repo, which makes maintenance and installation easier. Now we can be sure that all the packages have compatible with each other versions. Moreover, to install CRAM you now only need to clone one repository from GitHub, run rosdep install and you're ready to go.

For those who worry about huge repositories with enormous dependencies: don't worry! With the new script for managing dependencies, only the dependencies of a particular high-level package you want to use or a particular tutorial code, will be installed on your system. It's a smart script that crawls the package.xml file of the entry high-level package and all its dependencies and adds CATKIN_IGNORE files automatically to all the unused packages. More about this in the v0.4.1 blog post, stay tuned.

The tutorial on using PR2 for pick and place tasks in a fast simulation environment has been updated with new cool plans, so do check it out. The beginner tutorials have also been updated and majorly improved, with these tutorials learning CRAM hasn't ever been more fun than it is now.