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 +====== CRAM v0.5.0 ======
 +New features:
 +  * Created new package CRAM-PR2-FETCH-DELIVER-PLANS with FETCHING and DELIVERING plans that fetch an object from a surface in the environment and deliver it at the specified location on a surface.
 +  * Created new types of plan failures, mostly high-level ones, such as OBJECT-UNFETCHABLE.
 +  * Created new package CRAM-PR2-PROJ-REASONING where projection-based reasoning is done, etc. reasoning about collisions.
 +  * Created new package CRAM-PR2-PICK-PLACE-DEMO with a pick and place scenario in the kitchen.
 +  * Manipulation configuration calculations have been majorly improved:
 +     * Pregrasp and postgrasp are now transforms and not poses to enable easy multiplication
 +     * The gripper coordinate frame of different robots does not influence object grasping configuration anymore
 +     * Pregrasp configuration is now calculated w.r.t the object, such that the gripper approaches the object without tipping it over.
 +     * Grasping actions can now also accept a list like "'​(left right)"​
 +     * Some new objects have been added, such as cereal, etc.
 +     * Old offsets have been fixed to work better on the real robot.
 +  * Basic logging for pick and place actions has been implemented,​ see "​cram_cloud_logger"​ package:
 +     * Object designators can be logged.
 +     * Poses can be logged.
 +     * Location designators can be logged.
 +     * Fetch and deliver action designators can be logged with their parameters but without action hierarchy.
 +     * Success or failure boolean of an action can be logged.
 +  * When picking action asks for IK solutions, now a torso angle sampling is also done to increase the robot'​s reachability area.
 +  * Implemented a caching mechanism for IK solver as it seemed to have a problem with configurations that have already been processed.
 +  * A pretty printer for DESIGNATOR class has been implemented.
 +  * TF utilities from "​cram_pr2_cloud"​ package were moved into "​cram_tf"​ package, they'​re quite useful (multiplying transform-stamped-s etc.), check them out.
 +  * Perceived object events are now handled correctly by the belief state, such that perceived objects get spawned in the bullet world etc.
 +  * Object attachment and detachment events are now handled correctly, including Bullet world attachments.
 +  * (a location (of (an object (pose ... ) now returns the pose of the object.
 +  * Added ROBOT-CARRYING-POSES to go together with ROBOT-PARKING-POSES.
 +  * Implemented ​ WITH-PROJECTED-ROBOT & WITH-SIMULATED-ROBOT & WITH-REAL-ROBOT macros for running plans accordingly.
 +  * Renamed:
 +     * cram_pr2_pick_place_plans -> cram_mobile_pick_place_plans
 +     * cram_pr2_plans -> cram_pr2_plans_deprecated
 +  * Rearranged and cleaned up a lot of code, especially the pick and place plans.
 +  * An initial version of a script for checking ASDF dependencies and configuring workspaces with CATKIN_IGNORES was implemented.
 +See [[https://​github.com/​cram2/​cram/​blob/​master/​ChangeLog.txt|ChangeLog]] for more details.