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-{{blog>blog?5&[flags]}}+====== CRAM: Cognitive Robot Abstract Machine ====== 
 +CRAM is a toolbox for designing, implementing and deploying 
 +software on autonomous robots. The framework provides various 
 +tools and libraries for aiding in robot software development as 
 +well as geometric reasoning and fast simulation mechanisms to 
 +develop cognition-enabled control programs that achieve high levels of robot autonomy. CRAM also provides tools 
 +for introspection that enable the robots to reason about their past 
 +executions and improve by autonomously optimizing their plans. 
 +<html><div style="​text-align:​ center"><​iframe width="​560"​ height="​315"​ src="​https://​www.youtube.com/​embed/​pv_n9FQRoZQ"​ title="​YouTube video player"​ frameborder="​0"​ allow="​accelerometer;​ autoplay; clipboard-write;​ encrypted-media;​ gyroscope; picture-in-picture"​ allowfullscreen></​iframe></​div></​html>​ 
 +The core packages of CRAM are implemented in Common Lisp (with a little bit of C/C++) with support to the ROS middleware infrastructure. 
 +===== Acknowledgements ===== 
 +This project received funding from several funding agencies in different research projects. We would like to acknowledge the support from 
 +  * BMWK project ​[[https://​knowledge4retail.org/​|Knowledge4Retail]] (Innovation competition “Artificial Intelligence”) 
 +  * EU H2020 project [[http://​www.refills-project.eu|REFILLS]] (grant agreement #731590). 
 +  * DFG Project PIPE (project number 322037152) 
 +  * DFG Collaborative Research Centre [[http://​www.ease-crc.org|EASE -- Everyday Activity Science and Engineering]] (CRC #1320) 
 +  * EU FP7 project SHERPA (grant agreement #600958) 
 +  * EU FP7 project RoboHow (grant agreement #288533) 
 +  * EU FP7 project Saphari (grant agreement #287513) 
 +  * EU FP7 project RoboEarth (grant agreement #248942) 
 +  * DFG Excellence Initiative research cluster CoTeSys -- Cognition for Technical Systems 
 +  * Willow Garage as part of the PR2 Beta Program 
 +===== Publications ===== 
 +Please see the relevant publications [[publications|here]].