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 ====== Getting support ====== ====== Getting support ======
-The preferred way to ask for suppport is via http://​answers.ros.org. ​Before asking a question, please have a look at the archives to see whether similar questions have been asked before. ​The answers ​tagged with '​knowrob'​ can be found here: http://​answers.ros.org/questions/scope:all/sort:​activity-desc/tags:​knowrob/page:1/+ 
 +Before asking a question, please ​first have a look at the [[doc|documentation]] on this web site. Also have a look at the [[http://​answers.ros.org/​questions/​|archives ​on answers.ros.org]] ​to see whether similar questions have been asked before. 
 +===== answers.ros.org ===== 
 +The preferred way of asking for suppport is via http://​answers.ros.org. This page collects all ROS-related ​questions ​and archives the answers, thereby creating an automatically updated FAQ. Asking there also allows other users besides the CRAM core developers to answer a question. Please tag your question with the names of the respective ROS packages and with '​cram'​. These tags make answers easier to find and generate automatic email notifications to the package maintainers that a new question has been asked. 
 +===== Mailinglist ===== 
 +If you would like to stay up to date with recent developments of CRAM, please subscribe to the [[https://​www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/mailman/listinfo/cram-developers|cram-developers mailing list]] that is used for important announcements around the CRAM system.