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 +New CRAM tutorials:
   * [[tutorials:​beginner:​package_for_turtlesim|Creating a CRAM package]]   * [[tutorials:​beginner:​package_for_turtlesim|Creating a CRAM package]]
   * [[tutorials:​beginner:​controlling_turtlesim_2|Controlling turtlesim from CRAM]]   * [[tutorials:​beginner:​controlling_turtlesim_2|Controlling turtlesim from CRAM]]
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   * [[tutorials:​beginner:​location_designators_2|Using location designators with the TurtleSim ]]   * [[tutorials:​beginner:​location_designators_2|Using location designators with the TurtleSim ]]
   * [[tutorials:​beginner:​high_level_plans|Writing plans for the TurtleSim]]   * [[tutorials:​beginner:​high_level_plans|Writing plans for the TurtleSim]]
 +Not done: