Setting up PyCRAM

The setup of PyCRAM can be differentiated in three steps:

  • Installing Dependencies
  • Cloning the PyCRAM repo
  • Write a setup Script

Installing the dependencies shouldn't be a problem because all packages are available via PyPi.

The cloning of the PyCRAM repo is trivial.

The setup script is used to add the src directory to the python path. This has to be done so Python can find PyCRAM when importing from there.


To install PyCRAM firstly the required packages must be installed. These are:

  • Pybullet
  • Pathlib
  • numpy

They can be easily installed by typing the following command into a terminal:

pip install <package> 


To get PyCRAM simply clone the repository with the following command:

git clone

The cloned repository contains the source code for PyCRAM as well as two short demos which demonstrate how to use it.

Using PyCRAM

To use PyCRAM one needs to add the path to the source code manually at the moment. This can be done in a python script before executing the actual code.

import sys
sys.path.append('<path to repository>/pycram/src/')