CRAM Tutorials

You can find the source code to most of the CRAM tutorials on GitHub.

Please pay attention at the version tag next to the tutorials. The current CRAM version on the master branch and in the installation instructions is v0.7.0. The development branch is v0.8.0, use only if you are an expert in CRAM. The tutorials that have an older version tag that are not maintained will probably not work with v0.7.0.

EU Robotics Week 2023

Hands-on Robot Control in CRAM

Enter the cloud! Find the presentation slides here.

IROS 2023 Tutorial

Everyday Activity Robot Manipulation in an Interactive Learning Environment - Hands-on Robot Control in CRAM

At IROS 2023 in Detroit we are presenting the Plan Executive CRAM in our interactive learning environment.

Enter the cloud! Find the presentation slides here.

Fall School 2023

The Fall School 2023 Monday will introduce the CRAM plan executive with the recent re-implementation in PyCRAM. Here is the presentation of the CRAM plan executive.

Enter the JupyterHub here. Then download the lecture file.

In the JupyterHub, navigate to src/pycram/examples, upload the downloaded file and open it.

You will be led through multiple examples on how to work with PyCRAM, in order to control a robot from a high-level perspective. Enjoy the lectures!

Fall School 2021

This tutorial category contains short demonstrations of some things that one can do with CRAM, which assumes no prior knowledge of Ubuntu, ROS, Emacs, Lisp or robotics. If after going through these tutorials, you find out that the system is cool and you'd like to learn more about it, you can go ahead and start with Beginner Tutorials (see below) if you have ROS experience, or roslisp tutorials (see under External tutorials section below) if you do not.

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